Meet Pickering Physiotherapist | Nishith Vaidya


Pickering Physiotherapist | Nishith Vaidya

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As a child, my parents noticed first that I have healing hands, and from this observation I was inspired to pursue my career in the field of physiotherapy.

 I have 6 years of International experience of Physiotherapy. In this time, I have developed my hands-on skills by practicing in different settings of physiotherapy and areas such as Musculoskeletal and Neurological Rehabilitation.

 I enjoy participating in continuing education to expand my knowledge base to utilize the most up-to-date methods of treatment for my patients.  

 I wouldn’t chose any other profession…There’s nothing like seeing a smile on patient’s face, that has been suffering for years. This is what motivates me to serve in healthcare industry.

 On a personal note, I am a sports fan, a nature lover, and I like to listen music, meditate and spend time with my beloved family.

 “To enjoy the glow of good health , you must exercise” – Gene Tunney