Dr. Clay Kosinko

Dr. Clay

Finding a True Solution

Throughout his life, Dr. Clay experienced serious injuries and ended up in the hospital, where he would get a cortisone shot and be sent on his way. But the problems would always return. A friend suggested his doctor, a chiropractor who performed a thorough examination including X-rays. “This evaluation was more detailed than any other I’d ever gotten from a physician. Patients at the clinic were getting results, and I did, too. It worked so well that I decided to become a chiropractor.”

Understanding the Importance of Finding the Cause

To obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Clay attended New York Chiropractic College. While there, he studied anatomy and neurology to understand the function of every part of the human body.

Dr. Clay’s goal-oriented nature drives him to help patients address their health challenges and restore their health. “I want to get to the root cause of the problem with a comprehensive approach to fixing it without drugs or surgery.” As Dr. Clay is the most-reviewed chiropractor on Google in the area, his patients agree that his methods are highly effective.


Dr. Clay with fam

Being a Part of Our Community

Outside of Health First Family Chiropractic, you can likely find Dr. Clay and the rest of his family enjoying the great outdoors. They like to fish, hike and exercise. He assists in coaching his children’s T-ball team and attending their sporting events. It’s important to Dr. Clay that he practices what he preaches, and his family’s healthy lifestyle includes being active and eating right.

Dr. Clay is a member of Health Alliance Network (HANS) and attends Canada Day or Ribfest events where he holds free public awareness screenings or health talks on improving well-being naturally. He volunteers at In Motion at the Pickering Soccer Dome, educating seniors on staying well and doing group exercises.

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