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 "I had a serious neck and lower back pain after visiting Dr Clay’s clinic for 8 weeks now , No pain in this severe cold. Thank you Dr. Clay. "    


"Thanks to Dr. Clay I shoveled the driveway this morning! I avoided chiropractic treatments for years but Dr. Clay Kosinko managed to get me moving again. The office atmosphere is friendly and Heather is on top of the scheduling and always with a smile. I highly recommend Health First Family Chiropractic! Lots of free parking too ;)"   


"Very comfortable friendly relaxed atmosphere. Service is provided with a smile and I do look forward to my appointments, not with a feeling of 'dread' but with hope that I will feel better after each visit. Continue to make each visit a pleasant one. Thanks! "    


" There are many chiropractors out there but not a lot that offer caring customer service coupled with expertise in the practice. I am so confident I have recommended Dr. Clay to friends."     


" Very helpful and friendly staff! Always willing to take the time to answer all your questions and explain any treatment inquires that you may have. Since I have been coming for treatment, my back, neck and shoulder pain has subsided, and I even forget that I used to have it. I also had terrible migraines that have now gone away due to treatment. Thank you so much Dr. Clay! I can now live life to the fullest!"   


" I've been a headache sufferer for about 25 years. Dr Clay has been amazing in helping with that. He gave me exercises and X-rays and my headaches have been getting better. The staff is so friendly and you feel like you are family as soon as you walk in. "    


" Heather and Dr Kosinko are a great team. Clay has really helped my sore neck and back issues. Thank you so much!!! "   


" I have been seeing Dr Clay for 9 months and feel so much better! I was having lots of digestive issues that seem to have disappear after a long 6 year struggle Thanks Dr Clay!! See you again Soon "    


" Dr. Clay's clinic projects very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. He is thorough, honest and expert. His adjustments improved my upper back pain and is helping with tennis elbow. "  


" The staff is very friendly and welcoming! I have been going here since early fall and have not been disappointed yet! I highly recommend this chiropractor office if you are in search for one !"        -Natalie G.


" I have had ongoing back problems for years. I go once a week for a "tune-up" and now I can manage! Thanks!!"         


" I’ve been going to Dr.Clay now almost a year and he’s amazing. Before I started seeing Dr.Clay I had a recent headaches everyday and awful back pain. I can not remember the last time I had a headache or back pain. Very easy to talk too and definitely knowledgeable about what he’s doing. I would recommend him to anyone!"    


" I have been going for over a year now and I have seen improvements thanks to Dr Clay. He is a very caring person who goes above and beyond expectations. Health First Family Chiropractic is a very friendly and welcoming place to go for your chiropractic needs!"  


" After my family doctor not believing that I had back and neck pain I was beginning to think that it was all in my head. Then I went to see Dr. Clay. He listened to all my concerns and after sending me for x-rays he figured out what it was causing the problem. It was a relief to have someone believe me. Dr. Clay goes above and beyond for his patients. If you have any questions he will spend the time to answer them doesn't just rush you out of the office. If you call or email him he gets back to you right away. When I first started he explained everything that we would be doing, took the time to explain how it would all work. After the first few adjustments I had some concerns I called him and he explained to me over the phone that it is normal, but still told me to come in and spent the time explaining things in person. I would highly recommend this place to everyone. The whole team is amazing! "   


" This is my first time going for chiropractic care. At first I was very nervous as I did not know how I'd feel during the adjustments. I've been coming to see Dr. Clay for 7 months now & have only experienced the best results. My lower back pain has reduced, adjustments to align my spinal cord and great advice for working out to strengthen those back muscles. He's never in a rush to get you out of the office and goes the extra mile to ask you how your day is going, to answer any questions and to clarify anything that comes your mind... leaving your mind at ease when you walk out of the office. Nothing but positivity and great service. Thanks Dr. Clay!! "   


" Everyone is friendly and professional. I feel very comfortable at the appointments. I appreciate Dr. Clay's approach to my health."   


" I am very glad that I came here to get help for my back pain. Dr. Clay has been giving me adjustments weekly for several months and it has been helping a lot with the pain and stiffness I have. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and great at what he does. I have also been getting monthly massages from Lola. She is very friendly and does a great job of loosening me up and easing my muscle pain. With both of them working on me I feel much better and have finally found relief from my chronic back pain. The receptionists are also very kind and helpful. I have no complaints and will continue to see Dr. Clay and Lola indefinitely. "    


" Struggling with headaches daily is no joke. For 15 years I'd been dealing with this, and finally decided to try chiropractic care. Now, I rarely ever get one. We tried Dr Clay based on other reviews people had written. Besides the friendly, accommodating staff, Dr Clay's experience and wisdom kept us there! He is to the point and knows what you need based on your situation. Highly recommend giving him a try! "   


" Super professional establishment. Dr. Clay is extremely experienced and most approachable. He spends as much time with you as you need to ask questions. He is never in a rush and truly cares about his patients. Sarah, his administrative guru is always upbeat, friendly and very accommodating. I've seen great results after two months. Keep it up, team! "    


" I have had only one session of treatment with Dr Clay and I am beginning to feel a positive difference already.
I have not only had direct treatment from Dr Clay, but he has shared with me exercises that I have started and I can tell these will help.I definitely recommend this chiropractic doctor. "


" The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable from the second you walk in.
I would recommend Dr. Clay to anyone looking for a chiropractor. Dr. Clay offers immediate relief to problemed backs and then goes further by helping his patients become stronger and healthier. He has made a huge difference for me!
The massage therapist, Lola, is lovely and great at her job. She is thorough and effective. I would highly recommend her as well."  


" Dr. Clay is friendly and to the point, didn't waste any of my time like other doctors do. Looking forward to my next appointment!"   


" I went to Dr. Clay because a very good friend of mine recommended him to me because she knew I've had neck and shoulder pain for over a year , every doctor just wanted to prescribe me another pill, all that did was mask the discomfort for a short time, I was skeptical and quite nervous when I went to the office, Nancy and Dr.Clay are so kind and understanding, after 5 weeks , I'm slowly getting relief , its been 6 days that I have not needed my pain medicine."  


" I received five adjustments for my back and neck issues and already seeing improvements, my only wish is that I had started it before. Thank you Dr. Clay and staff."   


" Dr. Clay knows what he is doing. He adjusted my neck and made it better. He really cares about you on a personal level. 100% recommend. Nancy is also very friendly. "  


" I was experiencing debilitating pain, making me bed ridden. It hurt to move, walk, sit, there actually wasn't anything I could do to relieve the pain. Turns out I have two torn spinal discs. After seeing a few specialist I was told I was out of options, and could only expect things to get much worse. Medication and surgery was what I would be looking forward to. I was only 25, could no longer work or take care of myself, it was terrifying. I prayed and refused to take the doctors news. Dear friends of mine begged me to not give up and look into seeing a chiropractor. I was hesitant due to a horrible experience as a young child with one, leaving permanent damage. Few weeks later I noticed an article in the news advatisor, written by a new chiropractor that just opened, literally down the street from where I lived! I thought about it and decided it was my last chance, after this I can say I tried everything! My parents begged me not to after the last time went so wrong. I went with my gut and gave Dr Clay a chance. I explained my fear, previous experience and symptoms. He was very thorough before any adjustments. Talked me through each step. And two years later, I couldn't be more thankful! This treatment saved my life! I am able to live my life again nearly 100% back to normal. With minimal rare flares. I was able to go back to work again! I've even noticed I don't get sick as often as I used to, even within my family home, I'm the only one seeing a chiropractor regularly and will be the only one who can kick a cold in two days and don't catch the bugs that were being passed around. My every day life has improved and my husband is seeing the difference in me and is finally going to start seeing Dr Clay as well and taking care of his over all health and body- I couldn't be happier. Thank you Dr Clay!!! "    


" Great experience, always come out feeling better than when I went in, Dr. Kosinko gives great advice and gets the job done!"    


" Excellent personnel, excellent services, excellent attitudes, overall excellent people. I would recommend Dr. Kosinko to everyone. I was a skeptic before I met him. I no longer am. Go in with an open mind, it can't hurt more than you already do. "   


" I came to Dr. Clay with almost daily migraines and scoliosis I've had since birth. Within a few weeks the migraines were completely gone and after a couple months of intensive treatment I was switched to a very affordable maintenance plan. Even though I travel out of the country regularly, my sporadic chiropractic treatments contributed to significant pain reduction in my back and neck and kick started a healthier lifestyle for me.  Dr. Clay himself has impeccable social skills and is always willing to provide further education and encouragement, above and beyond what you would expect from a regular chiropractic visit. The visits really do make a difference. "   


" Dr. Clay Kosinko has been a great with chiropractic health to my entire family - husband, toddler, mother, mother in law, and myself. We attend on a regular basis to maintain a healthy spine and assist with any injuries or my mother's existing osteoporosis. Very happy with our treatments and friendliness of the practice"   


" Best chiropractor out there! Friendly and helpful - making the experience comfortable and leaving you feeling great! "    


" Dr. Clay is thorough and caring, his bedside manner is exceptional and he really knows how to make my family feel welcome and at home in his clinic. My family has been under his care for the past three years and value his contribution to our overall wellness."   


" Dr. Clay has a lot of knowledge. He is friendly. I will say that we have a good connection and so far so good. I have not been going for very long and will report back later. Like anything in life you have to give the adjustments a chance."   


" I was experiencing horrendous headaches. Their intensity and frequency were steadily getting worse. I had tried various treatments, seen doctors, therapists and nothing was helping. I was about to give up. Then I read an article in the local newspaper about neck pain and headaches. The symptoms were very familiar to me.... too familiar. I had nothing to lose, ( especially with a free assessment, x-rays and a chiropractic adjustment), so I called the number, made an appointment and that is when I met Dr. Clay. Two weeks of treatment and no headaches. Four weeks of treatments, no headaches. Six weeks, eight weeks of treatment and still no headaches! This was the longest I had gone without having one of my excruciating, debilitating headaches. I knew it was working, finally I had found someone who could help me.... I was ecstatic! God answered my prayers when I met Dr. Clay and my pain finally ended. Dr. Clay helped me and he can help you too. Thank you Dr. Clay!"    


" More than 20 years ago, I injured my neck and it had become very stiff. After just a few months with Dr Clay's adjustments and faithfully doing the EXERSIZES
I have normal range of motion again ( I am 79 so it is never too late!). Now we are working on strengthening my back and my arthritic thumbs. I have great expectations!!!!  Chiropractic is fantastic. Thank you Dr Clay and DD Palmer
and not forgetting Nancy and her happy smile."


" I never thought Dr. Clay would've been able to help me after so many years of pain but, he did and still is. My dad and I both see Dr.Clay once a week now and we we've never felt better. I am now able to go to school and walk around for longer periods. I'm glad my dad saw the ad in the paper. Thank you to Dr.Clay and Nancy :)"   


" Dr. Clay is awesome! We have been seeing the doctor for only 3 weeks and feel so much better already. I have been to various chiropractors throughout my life and have never stuck with it because I have been made to feel like I was just another business transaction going through the motions and I wanted to feel better but felt uncomfortable at every visit so stopped going. Not the case with Dr. Clay. Nancy always greets you with a smile and is ready and willing to make your schedule fit with theirs. They make me feel that I'm important and that they truly have my health at heart not just my money. They are very accommodating and flexible with all aspects of the office. Dr. Clay is very smart and you can tell right from the first exam that he is passionate about what he does and truly wants me to be a "bright bulb" not just another patient. I initially went to see the doctor because of numbness in my arms and legs but have also experienced relief from pain in my neck and back, my headaches are less frequent and my vision has improved! My son was suffering from an average of two headaches a week and Dr. Clay is the only doctor who has been able to relieve his pain without the use of drugs or diet restrictions. In fact, Jeffery has not had a headache since we started treatment and has been sleeping better as well. Dr. Clay even gave him some exercises to help strengthen his feet for hockey. Check them out-- you'll be amazed how much better you will feel."  


" Since a car accident, I have had pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulders for years, and have tried everything, but nothing was helping.
I was skeptical of chiropractic care, but when I saw Dr. Clay's write up in the newspaper, I thought I would give it a try. It's been only about 2 months since my first appointment, and the results are remarkable.
Dr. Clay explained everything to me in detail about the problem and the course of action he was going to take. He is a thoughtful and caring person, and I was no longer nervous, and put myself in his care.
Thank you Dr Clay "


" I began Chiropractic care in November 2013 when I could no longer deal with the chronic excruciating pain and limited mobility. When I first arrived at the clinic, I was in really bad shape. I had trouble bending, walking, sitting and sleeping due to a serious car accident many years ago when I injured my back and neck. Every once in a while my back goes out, but this time around I'd been suffering with chronic pain for 2 years walking with a cane and taking very strong medication to ease the pain. I was miserable!
It was about three weeks after my first adjustment that I began to feel noticeable improvements in my condition and in my health.
Today, I have more mobility, less stressed and I no longer have the pinched sciatica pain shooting down my leg and the myofasical and neck pain has reduced significantly.
It was a blessing the day I came across an article by Dr. Clay A. Kosinko in my local newspaper and spoke with Nancy at his office who answered my many questions and booked my first appointment. At that moment I walked into the clinic I knew that this was the right place for me. Dr. Clay gave me hope that I can and will get better with regular visits and he really does care about my health and well-being.
Thank you Dr. Clay for your professionalism, integrity and dedication to serving your clients. You continue to share your knowledge by educating your clients which adds vast value to your expertise as a Chiropractor. I am eternally grateful!"


" Incredibly friendly office, very efficient and welcoming. I would recommend anyone and everyone to this office for chiropractic services. Dr. Clay is always upbeat and is full of information. Nancy is very accommodating and and thoughtful. All around a great office!"   


" My boys 10 and 11 yrs loves going to see Dr. Clay. Their posture has been improved, they are more flexible, better at sports, improved co-ordination, calm and happier. He has been able to align their pelvis and legs. I personally feel great, de-stressed and calm. I strongly recommend Dr Clay he is easy to talk to, kind, professional, can be contacted after hours, flexible and welcoming. His subluxation treatments are painless and gentle. Nancy is friendly, helpful and always has a smile"    


" We were refereed to Dr. Clay's office by a family friend, since then our entire family has been going for adjustments regularly and we must say we feel great!! every time we go for our adjustment it is a pleasant experience starting from when you walk in the door with Nancy who is very welcoming and friendly up to Dr. Clay's kind and gentle manner! we will surely refer friends and family to Health First Family Chiropractic!"    


" Myself and my son has been in the care of Health First Family Chiropractic,for over a year now. I suffered from at least 3-4 migraine headaches monthly, with severe vomiting, nausea,hypersensitivities, to light, noise and scent which effected my life immensely.You see I have been suffering from migraine headaches for over 25 years,and have had to take many many pain medications, you name it, I have taken it, so I could function. Now I rarely have a migraine headache.I have never felt this well and happy in all my life.This is as a result of excellent Chiropractic care from Dr Clay and the rest of the team.Thank you Health First Family Chiropractic. "  


" God is good. I was referred to Dr. Clay through a news paper article in may 2013 and since then i must say i feel great. I suffer from dailey migraines and since going to Dr.Clay i have had about 80% improvement. My older son who plays football is also in awe with how his body feels and my little guy just love going to Dr.Clay for his adjustments. The office is a very friendly atmosphere and Nancy , she's a doll. She is very considerate and will always call you to remind you of your appointments. Thanks Nancy. Dr.Clay may the good Lord continue to bless you and your gift of good health.."    


"I have been going to Dr Clay for just over a year and can certainly feel the improvement in my overall health.
He is very thorough and explains everything so that you understand your treatment . I have used chiropractic services since I was in my early teens. I am 81 years young and have been to many different Doctors over the years. Dr Clay is one of the best I have been to. He is friendly, always greets you by name,makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and works with you to make it affordable.Nancy his assistant also helps to make the office a friendly place.
All those attributes are special but the best thing Dr Clay does is improve your overall health and that is the most important attribute of all."


" My family and I have been patients of Dr. Clay for over a year. The results have been great and with Dr. Clays' knowledge and energy, we have seen lots of improvements in ourselves.
His office is a very friendly environment and we always look forward to seeing him and Nancy. It's like they are part of our family. Appointments with Dr. Clay are very flexible and accommodating. They make you feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave.
Since we have been seeing Dr. Clay, we have been leading a healthier and pain free life. In the past we have shown up with headaches or sinus congestion and Dr. Clay would cure our ailments in a single visit. We would recommend Dr. Clays' services to anyone and everyone."


" I have been a patient of Dr. Clay's for almost 2 years now. I was looking for a chiropractor office close to home, and was driving one day and saw the Open House sign for Health First Family Chiropractic, so I decided to call and make an appointment. My first contact was with Princess, she was friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel welcome immediately. I was most impressed with Dr. Clay's thoroughness, this was the first time a chiropractor had taken x-rays and reviewed them with me before any adjustments were done. He sat with me and explained in detail his treatment plan, made sure I understood where my issues were and was always open to any questions or concerns I had. As the weeks went by, I decided I wanted my two daughters to be check out by Dr. Clay, his "bed side" manner is like no other. He made my girls (19 and 13 now) feel welcome, and explained to them the benefits of chiropractic, and still educates us at each visit. We have all seen a significant change in our overall health and honestly look forward to our weekly visits. This is truly a FAMILY environment, Dr. Clay loves what he does and it is apparent in his happy, upbeat attitude. I am a single mother, and he designed a payment plan that worked for me. If you are looking to learn more about how Chiropractic can help you and your family (children as well), PLEASE call Dr. Clay first, you won't regret it."  


" I've been seeing Dr. Clay for well over a year now, and my spine is in great shape! It's worth the drive from Oshawa to Ajax.
He's very knowledgeable and ensures the proper treatment is provided for your unique situation. He also offers great prices compared to other clinics. He gives great advice and is always interested in your health. I'd recommend Dr. Clay for anyone!"


" Great atmosphere, knowledgeable Doctor, put your needs first, convenient hours, easy to register/book treatments, and great value. "  


" Knowledgeable. Ooozing Positivity. Family Environment. Flexible. Genuine. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra (Jimmy Johnson). Health First Family is where that little extra exists."