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Why Choose Our Pickering Chiropractic Office


Pickering Chiropractor, Dr. Clay Kosinko provides multiple treatment options to accommodate his patients needs. Treatment Options Include:

  • Pain Relief Care: Feel Better and get Back to Normal Activities of Daily Living – Naturally.
  • Corrective Care (recommended): Detect, Plan and take action on the underlying cause of the problem,    designed to improve overall function.
  • Family Wellness:  This is for the Super Families! They see HEALTH as a lifestyle! Most affordable and rewarding.
  • Peak Performance: For the athlete in you that wants to have the edge on the competition.

What to Expect?

You will notice that our office is quite different than other doctor’s offices. Since we are a Family Wellness Practice, you see a more lively atmosphere and not the typical “mundane” Doctor’s Office. Since our approach is focused on how we function, you will notice that our Chiropractic Examination is more detailed. This examination is typically accompanied with specialized testing such as X-RAYS to determine more accurately the patients underlying cause of the problem.

We offer gentle chiropractic adjustments for infants, instrument adjusting for those who cannot participate in typical hands on approach, traditional hands on adjusting and table assisted adjusting. This is another way that our Pickering Chiropractic office demonstrates that our care is NOT a one size fits all approach. We identify and use a specific technique for every individual.