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Do you have migraines and want to get rid of them without drugs or surgery?

Do you have any injuries or accidents that caused a head or neck trauma?

When your migraine hits, do you experience nausea or have sensitivity to light or sound?

If you answered YES, keep reading.

Scientists have discovered answers to migraine headaches.

The Spine and Headache Connection

Research reveals migraine sufferers have abnormal nerve function involving the brain and spinal cord.[i] For this reason, functional chiropractors that focus on spinal alignments, help so many migraine sufferers. Their approach is more specific and in addition of using their hands, the chiropractor will use detailed postural tools, measurement devises, several orthopedic tests followed by X-rays to determine specific alignment details of the vertebrae and the impact they have on the nerves – called Subluxations.

Can Chiropractic Help With Migraines

In one study, migraine episodes were reduced by 90% following chiropractic care, with the length of each migraine reduced by 38%. As well medication use dropped by 94%. Other symptoms associated with the migraines such as nausea, vomiting, light and sound sensitivity were reduced.[i]  

A six month study involving 127 migraine suffers revealed promising outcome for chiropractic treatment for migraines. Half of the group received chiropractic care while the other half did not. 22% of the chiropractic treatment group reported more than 90% reduction after 2 months and approximately 50% reported a significant decline in severity.[ii]

What to do Next?

Pickering Chiropractor, Dr. Clay Kosinko is specially trained  to correct any misalignment's to the upper cervical vertebrae.    

A thorough evaluation is required to determine if spinal manipulation may help you manage your migraine symptoms.

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